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I joined the Northern Arizona University Alumni Association team as a communications intern in January of 2018 to help grow their social media platforms. My job as a communications intern was to bring new, creative ideas to social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube) and to increase overall engagement/followers. Our goal was to build a stronger online community with NAU alumni across the nation. In the Fall of 2018, I was promoted to a paid Communications Assistant position. I continued this work until I graduated in May of 2019.

You would find me attending and working at all local alumni events. At these events, I highlighted alumni through photo and video footage and encouraged more alumni to join events from near and far. Below, you will find some of my top performing posts, short movie clips, and Canva graphics I created.

NAU social media

Top Performing Posts

#FillintheBlank ___

While I was working part-time for NAU Alumni Engagement, I managed the NAU Alumni Engagement Facebook page. The first screenshot above is just one example of social posts I created. The "Fill in the blank" caption led to a huge increase in engagement compared to some of our other posts.


The screenshot above is a very short clip shot through a nostalgic "polaroid" filter. This resulted in 16+ comments, 48+ shares, and 313+ likes.


The final screenshot shown is a giveaway I came up with to increase overall engagement and followers on our Facebook page. The giveaway was also posted on all of the other social platforms (Snapchat, Instagram, & Twitter).


Made with iMovie and InShot

Social Media Graphics

Made in Canva

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